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Reduce Oxidative Stress!

Oxidative stress: Imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract their negative effects by neutralizing them with antioxidants.

Reduce Oxidative Stress by 40% in 30 days.

The effect oxidative stress has on your cells

“Oxidation” is the chemical term that describes removing electrons from an atom. Your cells are made of molecules that contain electrons, and these electrons can be “stolen” by an unstable atom that needs another electron to be stable. When this happens in your body, it can lead to tissue damage.

Think about an apple that you cut and leave out. It turns brown, starts to shrivel and wrinkle, and gets mushy. That’s oxidation. Another example is rust—that’s metal oxidizing, getting holes and becoming weak and discolored.

A new breakthrough in Health - Biohacking

We pioneered a groundbreaking new science called Nutrigenomics to help people biohack a healthier life. By studying the effects of nutrients and natural compounds on our genes, we’re creating scientifically-backed products that support cognitive health and promote healthy aging on the cellular level.

“… Nrf2 may well become the most therapeutic and the most extraordinary preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine.”

Washington State University

Activation Not Supplementation

Science has created an all natural pill with 5 synergized herbs that can turn on cells in your body to create your own antioxidants by the millions.

Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer ® is a patent-protected dietary supplement to activate the Nrf2 pathway, a very necessary biological component in all humans that protects against oxidative stress and helps support healthy aging. The Nrf2 pathway is perhaps the human body’s most important cellular defense mechanism.

Reduce Oxidative Stress by 40% in 30 days.

Published peer-reviewed study in Free Radical Biology journal.

Reduce Oxidative Stress by 40% in 30 days.

Extend the quality of your life with Nutrigenomics.

Nutrigenomics examines relationships between what we eat and gene expression. It is a field of research focusing on identifying and understanding molecular-level interaction between nutrients and other dietary bioactives with the genome.

It's all in the Synergy

Protandim’s patented synergized formulation allows its 5 ingredients to
work 1,800% more effectively!

No single ingredient provides the same biochemical ‘wake up’ call!






Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer ® reduces oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days. No other anti-aging or antioxidant supplement can come close to match Protandim’s power!

Clinically Proven to SLOW Aging

In a National Institute on Aging, U.S. government funded study, Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer ® was the only dietary supplement proven to “significantly increase the lifespan of male mice, with a 7 percent increase in median survival.”  Published in Aging Cell scientific journal.

Reduce Oxidative Stress by 40% in 30 days.

Until Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer ®…
there was no solution to effectively lower oxidative stress.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
**Compared to the free radical scavenging capacity of 2g of Vitamin C. Results may vary.

Irrefutable Proof

There are now 30 independent peer-reviewed studies by renowned research institutions worldwide that validate the effectiveness of Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer ®   You can find these studies on the U.S. Government’s National Library of Medicine website: PubMed.gov. They also appear in more than 20 medical journals like Circulation, the scientific journal for the American Heart Association.

Feel Better. Do More.

Reduce Oxidative Stress by 40% in 30 days.

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